Our nationally-acclaimed Writing Program fosters best practices in writing across disciplines and career specializations.

We believe that good writing means cogent thinking. Writing cannot be contained within a single silo, with immutable rules; it is a living practice that evolves and adapts itself across the range of human endeavor to meet society’s needs. As such, our curriculum supports the passions of our students -- be they in business and law; in media and the arts; or in health, science, and high tech.

Undergraduate courses train students first in critical writing, research, and analysis. Later courses apply that to academic, professional, and civic contexts, and to the study of writing as a discipline. Students may gear their writing to the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, or tailor it to fields as specific as the environment, gender studies, and Chicano/a studies. Many delve into the art and craft of writing—from creative nonfiction to copyediting.

We offer a Professional Writing Minor and collaborate with the College of Creative Studies in the Writing and Literature major.