The Department of Theater and Dance encourages creative self-expression and critical thinking via intensive, conservatory-style training for actors and dancers, as well as general studies focused on Dance, Design, Directing, Playwriting, Theater and Community, and Performance. Our faculty members combine research in their specialties with teaching, actively mentoring students. Dance is an integral part of our department, and is approached as a theatrical endeavor.

Undergraduates choose whether to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in either Theater or Dance, making ours one of few universities in the country that offer a BFA in these performing arts.

In a typical year, students live what they learn as we produce five main stage drama productions and two modern dance concerts. Our performances span the periods and styles we teach, ranging from the classics to contemporary dramas, from comedies to original works. There are also student directed one-act plays, and dance studio presentations. We invite you to learn more about our performances.