Compiled by Alyssa Long

In a series of video interviews produced by UCSB Instructional Development, Humanities and Fine Arts professors share thoughts about the merits of their fields and their most rewarding experiences as teachers and researchers. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more HFA video content.

UC Santa Barbara English professor Ben Olguín discusses the expansive, interdisciplinary qualities of the Literary and Cultural Studies major. A life-long learner, Olguín describes his field’s vast potential for research and collaboration with students.

As a UCSB Linguistics professor, Anne Charity Hudley combines her love for undergraduate education with African American language and culture. Hudley discusses her upcoming course at the 2019 Institute at UC Davis, her research in progress, and the future of linguistics as a truly inclusive field.

UCSB Philosophy professor Aaron Zimmerman describes philosophy as a study of argumentation, a creative field in which undergraduate students can immediately begin forming their own work. Zimmerman explains how students can access research opportunities within the Philosophy department.

Kate McDonald, an associate professor in UCSB's History department, discusses how History students create knowledge rather than merely consuming it. McDonald describes the History program as a transformative experience, bringing the countless perspectives of students and faculty together to learn from the past.

UCSB history professor John Lee describes the study of history as a detective story that involves piecing together evidence to discover why and how events occurred. He mentions that history is interdisciplinary by nature, drawing from many aspects of the humanities to understand both the past and the present.

Risa Brainin, UCSB Theater and Dance professor and freelance director, presents the many artistic opportunities offered by the department. Brainin explains the importance of grit and believing in oneself in theater and dance disciplines.