BRETT GIBS P (1).jpg

This photo edit,  called "3by4", created by Brent Gibbs, is the winner of the Photography category of the “Tell Your Story” student contest conducted by UC Santa Barbara’s Division of Humanities and Fine Arts for Give Day 2018.

Life in Humanities and Fine Arts aims to tell a compelling story of Creativity, Imagination and Empathy - and Gibbs’ use of natural photography and geometric patterns helps to illustrate that story.   

Brent Gibbs is a Junior at UCSB, majoring in Global Studies.

"Rather than attempting to a convey a larger theme or message,  I simply aim to create things that I find appealing or unique. My pieces occasionally have aspects that only I understand, which I find to be cheeky little inside jokes with myself, whether in the title or certain parts of the composition.

The title of this work is  self-explanatory. The background images are of my grandparents' house where I spent much of my early life. The burning wood in the foreground represents a night at the beginning of my Junior year when my housemates and I were breaking in a fire pit we had purchased.  It is a fond memory I have of that year.”

                   — BRENT GIBBS