Compiled by Alyssa Long

The Division of Humanities and Fine Arts fosters creative thinking and innovation across its many disciplines. As a result of a Writing Program initiative to engage students in reporting about the division’s diverse activities, UC Santa Barbara students have produced a series of videos to showcase the creative talent of students, faculty, and alumni from Humanities and Fine Arts. A sample of those videos are showcased below. For more video coverage, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Focus on Faculty: Students and others on the UC Santa Barbara campus and in the Santa Barbara community joined together for an uplifting sing-along on October 4th, 2018, as a preview event before a performance by the Soweto Gospel Choir at Campbell Hall. They were led by UCSB Music Department's Gospel Choir and the Choir director, Pastor Victor Bell. Video by Rachel Deng, Film and Media Studies.

Alumni All-Stars: UC Santa Barbara alumnus Jacob Tell offers insight into how his experience at UCSB shaped his career today. Tell is the CEO and creative lead of Oniracom, a brand and marketing agency in the area. Tell describes how his Classics education led him to name his company. Video by Julia Cates, Communication.

Cool Courses: Intro to Printmaking professor Rose Briccetti and her students discuss the interdisciplinary properties of printmaking, and how techniques from the medium can be applied to other forms of art. Video by Skyler DePaoli, Sociology and Writing.

Student Spotlight: UCSB Art History major and Art minor Jenny Jimenez has explored several forms of art and handmade works. Now taking a step back from handcrafted artwork, and out of her comfort zone, she works on channeling her artistic ideas and perspective in a more vocal way. Video by Kyrene Kagahastian, Global Studies.

Student Spotlight: UC Santa Barbara student Chloe Hiu Tsee Tsung shows us how she makes manga, a Japanese style of comic books. Watch how she applies skills learned from classes in UC Santa Barbara's art department to book-making. Video by Ayerin Simmerman-Esteem, Biology.