Sponsored by the Religious Studies Department and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, The Confucius Institute will be holding a mini-conference on Chinese religio-environmental ethics and practice. The mini-conference will bring together cultural anthropologists and historians to explore how traditional Chinese religions can help inform the construction of modern environmental ethics, allowing people to better deal with the physical and social effects of industrialization.

Confirmed participants:  Liang Yongjia (Anthropology, Zhejiang University/National Univ of Singapore); Adam Chau (East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge); Yang Der-Ruey (Anthropology, Nanjing University); Wei Dedong (Renmin Univ/Columbia University); Tristan Brown (St. John’s College, University of Cambridge); Sonya Lee (History of Art, USC); Mayfair Yang

The Conference will take place on January 11th and 12th in HSSB Room 6020, the McCune Conference Room.