The title for the 2018 AIIC Symposium is Cross-Currents: Navigating Translation. The theme of this year’s symposium is translation writ large

We see translation as including Native people translating their culture, experience, worldview, to other Native peoples as well as non-Native peoples, e.g.,interpretive dance as a Native person translating experience, Native Hip-hop, contemporary pop music-such as A Tribe Called Red, Native films and videos, as well as translation such as playing Indian. 

Our intention is to examine and explore the process of translation as it relates to American Indian and Indigenous peoples. The symposium will ask how do American Indian and Indigenous peoples translate and view translation (in the broadest terms) within and about their communities as well as how translation emerges and is interwoven throughout different fields of academic inquiry regarding American Indian and Indigenous peoples such as  anthropology, education, history, linguistics, literature, music, religious studies, sociology, and other humanities and social sciences as well as hard sciences such as biology, ecology, chemistry, physics with particular attention to TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge). 

Please register for the AIIC SYMPOSIUM, Cross Currents: Navigating Translation, by March 1. Find more information here and click here to register.