The Department of English offers a curriculum that traverses historical eras and global boundaries to explore various literatures and critical approaches to them. The Department has reimagined what it means to teach the humanities by integrating eight multidisciplinary research centers into its courses and programs. These research clusters provide an innovative complement to the classroom, allowing undergraduate students to collaborate with faculty and post-doctoral and visiting scholars.

Our undergraduate programs are research-intensive and production-based. As part of our research-hub model, we encourage students to choose from seven specializations: American Cultures; Early Modern Studies; Literatures & Cultures of Information; Literature & the Environment; Literature & the Mind; Medieval Literature; and Modern Literature and Critical Theory. On all these fronts, we prepare our students to study, write, design, and perform the imaginative arts to transform everyday worlds.

You may follow these links to the work of our undergraduates in two publications: Emergence, a journal associated with a research fellowship, and the student-run zine The Catalyst.