Current Employee Information

Information pertaining to academic personnel can be found through UCSB’s Academic Personnel Website. For helpful links, visit our Academic Employment page.

For information pertaining to student employment, visit our Student Employment page.

Time Reporting

The University of California has two designated pay cycles: Monthly and Biweekly. Which pay cycle an employee belongs to is determined by the following factors:

  • Academic or Staff Exempt employees are defined as monthly paid (salaried) employees who are NOT eligible for overtime, shift/duty pay. These employees only report sick and vacation leave in full days.
  • Staff Non-Exempt employees are defined as Biweekly paid (hourly) employees who ARE eligible for overtime, shift/duty pay. These employees report all time worked, rounded to the nearest quarter hour (e.g .25, .50, .75).

Academic and Exempt Staff Employees:

Academic titled employees, including Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs), and Exempt Staff are on a monthly pay cycle. Their pay period runs from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. Timesheets for these employees are due by the end of the month.

Graduate Students in Academic and concurrent Staff Titles (Student I):

Graduate students who are currently employed in other departments under an Academic Title (TA, GSR, etc) and are employed by the PASC under a Staff title (Student I) automatically default to the Monthly pay cycle (however, ACTUAL hours are reported and paid as such). The pay period for these employees is a "mid-month to mid-month" pay cycle, beginning on the 16th of the month and concluding on the 15th of the following month.

Timesheets for these employees are due no later than 5pm on the 16th of every month. If a student concludes his/her Academic appointment with the PASC or any other department and is still employed under a Non-Exempt Student I title, their pay cycle will revert to the Biweekly pay cycle. 

Staff, Student I, Limited Employees:

Employees hired as Non-Exempt Staff, Student employees, or Limited employees are paid on the Biweekly pay cycle. The Biweekly pay cycle consists of 14 days, consisting of two work-weeks (Sunday- Saturday). You can find a Biweekly pay calendar below. These employees are paid for ACTUAL hours worked, so reporting of time correctly is essential. Timesheets are due by Noon the Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) following the conclusion of a Biweekly pay cycle (please refer to the Biweekly calendar for due dates).

It is your responsibility to get your supervisor's approval on your timesheet.  If your supervisor is out of town or unavailable to sign, send them an e-mail listing the pay period and the number of hours being submitted (if possible, attach a copy of the timesheet to the e-mail). 

Guidelines for Completing Hourly Timesheets

Staff & Academic time cards are due on the 1st of each month for accrual usage to be recorded in the Leave Reporting System.  The time card will be returned to you within two weeks.

Safety & Workers' Compensation

Please familiarize yourself with the safety procedures and the meeting area in the event of an evacuation.  If you are located outside of Phelps Hall, please familiarize yourself with the emergency plan of the department providing space.

Workers' Compensation


If you are considering hosting a visiting scholar, contact Loida for information (especially if they are traveling from another country, as they will require assistance with visa arrangements).  An appointment letter will need to be prepared and submitted to the Office of Research along with a signed Patent Policy.

According to Academic Personnel's definition of the Visiting Research Appointment: 

The Visiting prefix is used to designate one who:

1. Is appointed temporarily to perform the duties of the title to which the prefix is attached; and
2. Either has held, is on leave from, or is retired from an academic or research position at another educational institution; or whose research, creative activities or professional achievement makes a visiting appointment appropriate.

Appointment Criteria
The Visiting prefix may be used with titles in the Professional Research series or the Project Scientist series. When the title with the Visiting prefix is assigned to an individual on leave or retired from another institution, the title will usually be the same as the individual's title at the home educational institution.

For additional information, see:

General Information on Temporary Research Titles

Visiting Researcher and Projects Scientist Titles